Anti-Lido protests fall on deaf ears

RE last week’s article on the West St Leonards Lido scheme: A total 700 people signed against the West Marina Lido in favour of Platform’s manageable bathing pool/eco-cafe/children’s water fountain/outside gym all set in a sustainable sea garden.

So why was the planning board refusing to listen to the voice of West St Leonards at the town hall planning meeting last week? Cllr Pragnell supported the scheme and maintained that the area had fallen into rack and ruin. What rubbish.

It is a valuable grassland, suffers no vandalism, is used enthusiastically by dog walkers, cadets, kite flyers-and families picnicking, and spontaneous sports. It is not a dumping ground. I do not see rubbish strewn all over the place nor do I witness inconsiderate dog walkers, in other words the majority clear up. This is propaganda.

The fact that it has lain empty for so many years is entirely the council’s fault which has made no creative input to allow the area to grow organically embracing healthy activities for families.

How dare Cllr Finch describe West St Leonards as a blighted area. Holiday makers are happy to pay £26,000 for a real beach hut in this so called ‘blighted area’. They love the peace and tranquility of the area that the council is now intent on destroying. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by music venues, bars and the chaos/problems with alcohol. They certainly do not come to the seaside for these events. We do not want to be another Brighton. We are proud to be inhabitants of West St Leonards.

Residents have had no say in the design, no changes have been made and the ghastly tower with the vulgar sign remains.

Each converted shipping container produces 1,000lbs of toxic hazardous waste, often ending up in landfill sites or dumped. Areas are cut out for doors/windows, rust has to be eliminated in some cases sandblasted to eliminate rust. Conversion on or off site is irrelevant. These are second-hand containers. Heavy industrial paints for oceanic transport containing hazardous chemicals, phosphorus, chromate and lead based paints, insecticides are used on the often wooden floors.

PS: We need more women in council planning. It has become an old boys’ network. I doubt if this scheme would have gone ahead if a woman was applying.


Grosvenor Gardens

St Leonards