Another supermarket for Ore?

MOST of us now accept that a degree of competition can prove to be beneficial to the consumer but in Ore village we seem to be witnessing the unacceptable face of capitalism.

For years the little row of small retail and service outlets in London Road, Ore conducted their individual businesses in a manner that was always appreciated by their customer base and even when the Co-op took over the medium-sized supermarket on the corner of Fairlight Road, it seemed that both could jog along quite amicably. Then all hell broke loose!

The Oddfellows closes and Tesco moves in right opposite the Co-op. Then B&Q closes to be replaced by Aldi and now I hear that the former King’s Head pub could become a Sainsbury’s.

And who sees the writing on the wall? - The small shops who have given faithful, reliable and quality service for so long. This really can’t be fair or justified, can it?

Recently, councils have been given powers to limit the number of betting shops in one area so shouldn’t the council be lobbying for something similar to curb such a proliferation of supermarkets?

St’ORE Wars has reached the point where competition benefits but a few but hurts and angers so many?


All Saints Street