Annoying absence of bunting at town hall

I CAME past the town hall on Saturday only to see no bunting, no decorations out for our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and only one Union Jack flag.

I find this very annoying as Her Majesty has close links with our town.

The leaders of our council are allegedly fiercely anti-royalist and doesn’t it show.

Her Majesty the Queen has dedicated her life to serving her country for 60 years. Only the second time in our history this has happened.

Her Majesty and all the pomp and circumstance bring in tens of thousands of tourists to this to this country generating many millions of pounds.

If we did away with our Royal Family and had a president instead I could just imagine it would be like Cuba or North Korea.

The majority of people have great respect for our Queen and of course nobody can put on a spectacular display as our armed services can.

I wonder if any of our anti-royalist councillors worked over the Bank Holiday or did they take time off?


Greville Road