Anglo-French solidarity during strikes

IT was great seeing the photo you published on May 9 showing the picket of the Bohemia Road Fire Station by firefighters protesting against changes in their pension contributions and age of retirement.

Among the picketers French trade unionists from Dieppe can be seen showing their solidarity with their fellow workers.

The same French delegates from the CGT could be seen on Saturday in the town centre meeting Hastings workers from local trade unions like Unite, GMB, Unison and NUT. From conversations with our French visitors we could appreciate how similar their struggle for justice and dignity in the work place is to our own and how important are trade unions to ensure that the workers voice is heard and taken into account by public services and corporations.

Our visitors took part in a number of events that happened in Hastings in the Saturday of the May Bank Holiday and left tired but impressed with our hospitality, we will have to make sure this sort of interchange carries on happening.


Milward Road