And more praise for our cheering spectators

I CHOSE the Hastings Half Marathon as my first 13.1-mile race in 16 years, and how I enjoyed it.

I live in the Midlands and, in the past, have completed several big-city half-marathons, including Leicester, Nottingham and Peterborough, as well as the far more high-profile Great North Run in Newcastle – and, on the evidence of last weekend, yours is by far the best.

Okay, it is a tough race simply because of the gradients (and some of the downhills were almost as taxing as the uphills).

But the support from the crowds of your townsfolk, who must have turned out in their thousands to line the course, was unbelievably fantastic.

They clapped, they cheered, they banged drums, they handed out sweets, oranges, bananas. They must have made every one of the runners, at least if they felt as I did, like a hero.

On top of that, the race organisation was excellent, and whoever was in charge miraculously managed to put on perfect weather.

Well done, Hastings – hopefully, it won’t be another 16 years before I run another half-marathon and, hopefully, I’ll be back next year.