An important time for our society

I AM deeply grateful to Hastings police for their special efforts to protect us from violence on the street and also for sending emails to community leaders keeping us informed with facts.

At the same time I recognise the strong sense of frustration in people who have rioted recently.

Indeed we are living in an extremely unfair society, and Michael Young, who invented the term ‘meritocracy’ in the last century, stated: ‘It is hard indeed in a society that makes so much of merit to be judged as having none. No underclass has never been left as morally naked as that’.

It is not only Young who noticed unfairness in society. If you listened to Michael Sandel on the Radio 4 Reith Lecture in 2009 he clearly pointed out unfair advantages given to bankers at the time of their failure and he warned us that it would damage democracy in our society.

Freedom and democracy are something we need to defend. A sociologist, Naomi Wolf explains the process of shutting down freedom in our society.

We have many historical events in the past suggesting how human beings react to difficult situations.

That evidence leads us to think about the importance of social justice in society. If we want to keep our freedom and democracy in Britain we must care about people who are not articulate, not knowing how to debate or how to defend themselves.

I condemn strongly the use of violence. However at the same time I feel a strong urge to create a much fairer society for all. I believe that is the only way to keep our society free and secure.


Dudley Road