An answer to all voiced concerns

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Eric Waters, Ingleside Crescent, Lancing

According to reports in The Observer, the leader of Hastings Borough Council, Peter Chowney, and the director of the proposed development at Rock-a-Nore, Andrew Doyle, do not even agree on what they are talking about, which does not bode well for the future.

Mr Chowney has given his views to the paper on what he calls the Hastings Harbour Project, while Mr Doyle refers to the Hastings Harbour Quarter. No doubt many council meetings will now have to take place before a definitive name is arrived at. I will not be at all surprised if, after many weeks of contemplation and late-night sittings, they come up with a compromise; the Hastings Harbour Project-Quarter.

Mr Chowney believes the whole idea of a marina and thousands of houses at Rock-a-Nore has potential and has stated that Hastings Borough is supporting further investigation, but believes that any lost car-parking would have to be replaced ‘elsewhere’.

Observer reader Kevin Head also has concerns about the traffic problems in Rock-a-Nore and is advocating a park-and-ride system to alleviate them.

Meanwhile, in another letter to The Observer, Mrs Cratch is worried about the future of Hastings Pier, which she describes as an empty plank.

Fear not, Peter, Kevin and Mrs Cratch, I believe I have the answers to your concerns.


This will ensure that Mrs Cratch’s ‘plank’ is no longer empty and will bring in much-wanted finance. A definite case of “Any more for the Skylark?”

Once it is up and running it could have Kevin’s park-and-ride, operated using genuine Hastings fishing boats manned by genuine Hastings fishermen.

Kevin will get his wish and the town will get an extra tourist attraction!

As for Peter, well if the pier car park can’t cope with the demand can I suggest that, for your ‘elsewhere’, you should think about knocking down the Town Hall and replacing it with something really useful, like a car park?

This would fit in well if some bright spark comes up with the suggestion that a Rock-a-Nore Marina is a non-starter and that the ideal place for one would be the memorial!