An amusing insight into the minds of ‘cyclo-phobics’

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THANK you Richard Green. I read your letter and I laughed and I laughed.

The first snigger slipped out at line nine while considering the idea of being ‘a motorist and proud of it’.

Most of us are motorists but would be so much prouder if we could say we weren’t and that we cycled everywhere. We don’t because the roads are a dangerous place to be in this country which is largely populated by people who think driving a car is superior to riding a bike.

The second giggle escaped as I recognised myself in those ‘stupid looking lycra uniforms’ and ‘ridiculous-looking sunglasses’. Thank goodness the worst harm I’m doing is offending someone’s opinion of bad taste.

The giggle had developed into a full blown belly laugh by the time I got to ‘don’t even have proper pedals’.

How dare we go out, not only failing to pollute the atmosphere and improperly dressed, but inappropriately shod as well.

By the time I got to paragraph six, I was virtually screaming with mirth at ‘not even going anywhere specific’. Of course no. It’s not all about the destination, some of us enjoy the journey just as much. If we have a destination to reach, we take the car to ensure we’re not run off the road ‘en route’.

As much as I appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed this insight into the minds of cyclo-phobics who class cyclists as second-class citizens as they don’t pay a tax for the pleasure (despite having paid for their own metal bubble left at home on the drive), it did concern me.

How ignorant are they of the environmental and health benefits of cycling, both for society and the individual? Do they realise the vulnerable position the cyclist chooses to adopt each time they opt for two wheels to take to the over-crowded highways of this intolerant isle.

If I thought for one moment I could change your attitude towards cyclists by paying a tax, I’d jump at the chance of a safer ride, even at the cost of depriving myself of such amusing letters.


Beauharrow Road

St Leonards