An accident is inevitable on the Bexhill Road because of the bus lanes.

From: Peter Benson, Quarry Hill, St Leonards

It’s not so much a case of if but when, a serious accident will occur due to the county council’s installation of bus lanes in Bexhill Road.

County are insisting the bus lanes had to be installed because they were part of the link road package.

This is surely nonsense, the county council were under no obligation to degrade an already hazardous, congested and polluted stretch of road into an accident waiting to happen by making road layout changes which are neither safe nor suitable for Bexhill Road.

Using this road daily, I was travelling west the other day near the disused Peugeot garage. I have a bus lane on my left and oncoming traffic to my right. The oncoming traffic was crossing into my lane because of parked vehicles. Two oncoming articulated lorries pulled into my lane and forced me to brake and swerve into the bus lane. This crazy project has created other dangerous pinch points on Bexhill Road where head on or side swipe collisions look almost inevitable.

When it comes to bus lanes and traffic calming schemes, councils are already noted for their legendary ineptitude but to my mind what we’re seeing in Bexhill Road is nothing short of breathtaking incompetence.