Ambulance anger

FOLLOWING from the announcement that the Stroke Unit is to be moved from the Conquest Hospital to the District General Hospital at Eastbourne, we now learn (Observer, November 30) that our ambulance station is also under review.

The journey from Rye to Eastbourne Hospital is 30.5 miles and takes 56 minutes on a good day (Source: AA route planner).

If you live, as I do, in an outlying village, then adjust mileage and times as necessary. There is no way that a victim (and it could be you) is going to arrive at the stroke centre within anywhere near the NHS recommended time of 45 minutes if you start your journey at the onset of an attack. Being realistic, it will be at least double that.

I would be grateful if somebody from the health authority, or perhaps our MP, could explain how this benefit the people of Rye? What consideration has been given to this outlying area?

Or, being more pragmatic, how many people will actually die or be placed at greater risk in consequence of pursuit of these NHS ‘Centres of Excellence’.



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