Amazing support after disaster

After the disaster that was the fire of Marlborough House many people were left with nothing and lost all their treasures and personal possessions. Many kind hearted people of Hastings and St Leonards dug deep and donated clothing to help these people out.

The donations were very generous and with it was decided between In-Touch and Royal Voluntary Service that all clothing that was not required would be sold off to raise more funds.

There have been a lot of people who have dedicated time and effort to raising this money and these have been Sylvia Spicer (RVS), In-Touch’s hard working staff and dedicated volunteers.

There was also Peter Cocker from Senlac Rotary who donated a house of furniture to sell, Sanderton Quilters which made five beautiful lap quilts to be given to the older members of Marlborough House and an unknown benefactor who donated £200.

This project has shown me the value of community spirit and how much volunteers selflessly do to help others.

We raised £830 in total and this was passed to In-Touch by Royal Voluntary Service.

We are not going to leave the residents of Marlborough House at this. We have plans to try to raise money for them to come in and have a Christmas Party as they are not all housed with their friends, so we would like to get them together.

Also, we are going to try and find out what these people would like as a special Christmas present in order to make their life more comfortable whether it be a portable television/radio/suduko books, as still a lot of them have very little.

I personally thank everyone for all that they have done for the residents of Marlborough House.


Centre Development Manager - Royal Voluntary Service

South Street, St Leonards