Alternative needs some meaning

JUST to add some more comment on the subject of the fountain, I think the idea of something alternative could be exciting, but what about choosing something that has local meaning to Hastings?

Winchester has a statue of King Alfred, Morecombe has Eric Morecombe, and London is spoilt for choice! Hastings has enough famous characters over the centuries for us to choose from.

Although I understand Mr Bacon’s point of view regarding the existing roundabout, we must not lose it from a traffic point of view.

There are no places for commercial vehicles to make turning around manoeuvres ion the A259 for miles either way. The problem for the few coaches that do still come to the town which has never gone away although their numbers are far less now, are due to the problems with turning and the unsuitable (and long) ring road route.

If cars did not illegally park to pick up and drop outside Iceland, the situation over maintenance on the concrete sections of the outer ring being damaged mainly by articulated trucks would be less as they try to squeeze through would be lessened.

An alternative idea would be to re-set the outer ring in by two feet all the way around, and of course another suggestion would be to perhaps spend on refurbishing the fountain to its former glory which is in keeping with the Italian Way as part of its late 1950s/early 1960s design. Whatever structures are put up have to be maintained at some time.

Just so that not everyone gets the idea that what we have there is just an eyesore, I have a picture from the late 1960s when the restaurant was Iorio e Di Mascio and the fountain was something to look at.


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