Allotment wrangle is bearing bitter fruit

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ABOUT the new allotment rules (Observer, March 9). Finally the truth comes out.

The man growing fruit trees was not breaking the rules, if the council needs new rules to evict him.

Now it should dawn on allotment holders that these new rules are retrospective, and everyone following the old rules is now subject to eviction unless they adopt this new 21-page policy to the letter.

Between gentlemen, contracts are agreed, signed and honoured. But when it comes to the council, contacts are apparently agreed, signed, torn up and rewritten to suit the council whenever it likes.

This is contrary to any form of legal honourable agreement, and makes a mockery out of the agreement process.

You can’t even count on this new agreement, as they might change it from under you at any time and any work done under it might be outlawed by the next one they force on you. The man was allowed to grow fruit trees, remember. Now he is facing eviction! Who is next? You? “Sign or lose your plot”, they say.

Many will just sign the new agreement as they don’t have the time or gumption to make a stand against this obvious disgraceful injustice, but if you do, consider that will put you under the new rules, subject to bureaucrats who will not hesitate to have you removed for petty things, like growing fruit trees.

As I see it, Mr Rock’s campaign stands for decency within agreements, and those turning a blind eye for convenience sake may well be the next to face unreasonable eviction from their plots.

Remember, if they don’t like you, they are not beyond changing the rules to have you evicted. That is a shameful fact.


Priory Road