Allotment ideas are very outdated

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THE idea that an allotment is just for growing vegetables is much outdated, and became redundant when fruit trees and flowers were added to the contract as options.

Also the idea that every square inch has to be covered in produce, to the extent that fruit trees are not allowed proper space to grow, is a throw-back to the war when growing for victory was a byword.

The war is over now, Mr Moffat. Our survival does not depend on allotments, and this has become a leisure activity.

I have spaced my 11 trees according to the instructions of the growers.

I am using the plot properly as my contract allows.

Fruit tree growers do not normally grow veg under their trees. If you want to claim that I am treating the rules as if they are just for other people, as you do in your letter, I suggest with respect, you should read those rules first to get up to date.


Alpine Road