Allotment fight will be maintained

SPECIAL thanks to you for running the story entitled “Gardener evicted from allotment after a spat” (Jan 7 2011), which highlighted the problems I am having over my allotment with the council, and more importantly the issue of OAPs being bullied by the council’s allotment managers, who appear to have forgotten that this is meant to a leisure activity, as opposed to slave labour.

One small point I would like to clarify is that, while attempts are being made, I have not been legally evicted from the plot. I am the paid up legal tenant, despite the fact that half the plot has been potentially let to someone else, my trees and shed are still there, I am tending the plot, and I intend to take this issue to court, if that proves necessary.

Thank you to the Observer for seeing the importance of this issue, and allowing it a voice.


Alpine Road

n Editor’s note: Hastings Borough Council has investigated complaints of bullying at the allotments and found there were no grounds for any disciplinary action.