All-round look needed for climate change

I was very pleased to see that Amber Rudd has the job of Under Secretary for State in the Dept of Energy and Climate Change.

Maybe now or in the future we could have an all round look at climate change and the environment.

Over the past few years we seemed to have done a lot of things that were supposed to give us a cleaner environment but have seemed to have turned back on themselves. Like some of the following:

* Minimum wage could have helped send jobs aboard and stopped the better workers earning more.

* More rights for workers and difficulties in dismissing staff when business slumps or employing more in anticipation of an upsurge that might not come.

* More political correctness in the work place and workers making more insurance claims against employers.

* More health and safety rules in factories and the difficulties in building new factories have all helped to send jobs abroad.

With all these jobs going abroad, yes, we are a more green and pleasant land. but at what cost?

The Far East is now producing 45 per cent of the C02 emissions in this world (UK produces one-to-one and a half per cent). But the big problem is that all these workers aboard now all what cars, fridges, TVs, and all main line services gas, electricity, water, etc (and so rightly so!) so their emissions will grow enormously.

So a lot of our environmental saving could actually harmed the plant.

Not only this but also our acceptance of the fragmented family (the Government at the moment is supporting two million of them) lots of fragmented families mean two flats or houses for one family, two lots of gas and electricity used two lots of precious water and two trips to the supermarket (all environmentally unfriendly).

Bringing peoples together could release onto the market thousands of homes thus bringing down the price of rents and housing, and maybe the need to build more houses on our green and pleasant land.

We know a lot of this is not in Amber’s remit but the building of this new wind farm off Brighton is. Is it going to go ahead?

PS: With reference to Amber’s appointment. Yes, we do need more women in the cabinet but we also need more farmers, workers, chemist, engineers, shopkeepers, real people not just career politicians, whatever their gender.

Robert Mucci

High Street