All belief systems should be respected

It’s been interesting to follow the various letters that were written in response to the Fairlight Church gravestone controversy.

As a Christian I’ve found that when we put other issues including ‘religion’ before love for God and fellow humanity, we are liable to get things wrong for which I’m truly sorry.

There are indeed many different belief systems around and every individual person should be respected whichever belief system they follow. As a Christian I do not follow created things as deities but rather the Creator Himself referred to as God, who made every good thing including the sun which is designed to emit life giving power.

I haven’t yet come across anything that created itself and as a closet scientist I believe in the principle of cause and effect. Each person has been given the priceless gift of free will which can solve as well as create problems depending on how we use it.

Before becoming a Christian I decided to use this free will to ask questions and seek answers. In that time I had a personal experience of God which changed things dramatically for the better in my life, and for which I’m forever thankful. Far from being distant I realised that this God would rather suffer for us than see us suffer from the wrongs we have done; His very essence being love.

Now I attempt to follow in His footsteps with the same heart of love for this very precious town we live in. There are many other Christians in the town doing likewise, seeking to bless the community in many ways.

These include Christian initiatives such as Hope Kitchen (soup kitchen), Street Pastors, Snowflake Night Shelter, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and the Food Bank, among many others. All these stand as evidence that God loves our town and all the people in it.

Although we as Church (Christians) do not get everything right, we do try to help where help is needed, and several of the initiatives listed above have not only helped, but even saved several lives. For this I’m truly grateful.

K Harrison

Old London Road