Aim to improve response times

THANK you for publishing the article ‘New council system to prevent ‘scatter gun’ complaints’.

While you are right to suggest that the new complaints system is intended to ensure that the complaints system is as efficient as possible, the new system is much more than this.

We aim to give an improved response to residents who make complaints with a quicker response and resolution of their complaint.

The council is also keen to learn from complaints so that we can improve our services to residents. Starting in April 2015 an annual report on complaints trends and responses will be brought to the Cabinet. This will make the council more open and transparent.

During 2014-15 the council will develop a new Customer Charter as part of our commitment to become more focussed on the needs of everyone who relies on the services which the council delivers - whether residents, traders or visitors.


Lead member, corporate services

Hastings Borough Council