Aggrieved by charge

I am a member of Friends Unlimited, a singing group which organises and presents concerts supporting small local charities.

All the singers are local residents and up until now we have been performing our concerts in the art gallery at Hastings Museum with, happily, no charge being levied for daytime use.

However, from April 1 this year we were told that Hastings Borough Council would be introducing a ‘session’ charge, i.e, £60 (including VAT) for morning or afternoon use.

My group doers not have any spare funds as whatever monies we raise we give to the charity we are supporting at that particular time. I am sure that this charge will prevent other small organisations from using this interesting and highly informative venue.

Indeed, members of the public who have attended our concerts are thrilled with all the museum has to offer and have often purchased items from the shop while there.

I want other local groups to know about this cost and feel extremely aggrieved that the council has imposed this overhead upon thodse who give their time for charitable fundraising purposes.

Sue Funnell

St Helen’s Down

St Leonards