Advice for those with diabetes

I WRITE with regard your fron-page article concerning the amount of prescriptions involving Viagra issued in the area.

To be more honest a more local story would have been interesting but here I would like to congratulate the Observer in presenting this item as it gives me the opportunity to give this advice.

Your article and a similar one in the national press should have given a genuine breakdown of why this medication is issued in the first place as one illness that often requires this medication is diabetes which is rife in this area also.

Erectile dysfunction can bring heartache to couples and individuals who cannot ‘perform’ because of side effects of diabetes and poor blood sugar control over a long period and at worse can lead to unfaithfulness, the use of prostitutes or affairs and any of these leading to a breakdown of marriages and relationships creating a situation where women cannot dream of a future with children unless they adopt or go for IVF (Don’t rule out fertility spells which I perform with a good success rate according to the national media but that’s another story)

At this point I feel I should point out that, although I am diabetic, I do not use Viagra, as I have other side effects of diabetes, mainly in pain control of foot related problems.

My point in this letter is to say to anyone that is having this problem, it can start at a young age, due to recent publicity, please don’t be put off asking your GP for this drug or other forms of help for erectile dysfunction. It is more common than you may think.

It is not uncommon for a lady to consult a GP about their partner, sometimes secretly, sometimes because the man is too embarrassed to go themselves. Before heartache, doomed relationships and even suicide sets in consult your GP. This is an illness, that with the right help, can be helped in many ways.


Dane Road

St Leonards