Action has spoilt our safe home

MY son and I moved to the Old Town earlier this year and love it. The friendly faces, helpful people and fab events make it a place we feel happy and safe in.

For the first time in my lad’s life he has an outdoor area, it’s not much, just a patio with some veg in pots and flowers growing, but somewhere he felt safe and happy.

One day he asked me if he could decorate it with solar faerie lights, I agreed and he saved his pennies until he had enough to buy a set of his own. It takes a long time for a seven-year-old to save up £8 and when the day came he helped me string them out.

Last week I forgot to turn them off at night. Didn’t think much of it as they are so low wattage that it barely illuminates the area they sit on.

Yet for someone it must have caused offence as they came round in the middle of the night and cut the wires. So, shame on you because not only have you criminally destroyed something, you have made my son feel like he isn’t safe in his own home anymore, and he isn’t happy out in the one area he made his own.


West Street