Act overstepped the mark

WE very much appreciate what is being arranged for us for Stade Saturdays but have the organisers really vetted the content of the acts?

On Saturday we were recommended to go to watch the Tiger Lillies and for most of the act we were impressed by the quality of the performance until the artistes came back to do their encore which we found to be totally offensive when they started singing about ‘hammering nails into the cross’.

This was not really done in a fun way but in a cynical and nasty way, which to us from a Christian background really pushed the boundary too far.

I know this group set out to include subject matter of a controversial nature in their act but I feel if this type of song performed in front of any other religious group would probably have resulted in the stage being stormed.

It really is too bad that society has had to resort to debasing the most sacred subject matters.

My companion and I walked away in disgust but with hindsight felt we should have challenged the performers and forced them to stop this dreadful song.

I hope that Stade Saturday organisers might take note and perhaps come back with any comments.