Academy grateful for suppport of MP

WE would like to take this opportunity to thank MP Amber Rudd for all the support and encouragement she has given to Respond Academy.

Her commitment highlights the meaning of what being a Member of Parliament is - no vague promises.

She evidently believed in us as we motivated her to nominate us (without telling us anything at all) for the recent ‘Kids Count’ National Inspiration Award for the best creative group in May 2012.

Representatives from Respond Academy received this award at the Houses of Parliament in London. We felt so proud to be invited and escorted by the MP.

As the founders of Respond Academy this recognition is heartening for Pablo and myself. We love what we do and the on -going long-term benefits for our members.

We are very proud of our members’ achievements and the fact that our local MP recognised the time and effort of a youth-led project from St Leonards. We took eight members to the House of Commons to collect our national award and it is already raising aspirations and expectations for our members.

We are looking forward to taking a group to back to see the House of Commons on a working day.


Respond Academy