A259 will still be congested

I LAUGHED reading Tim Cook’s letter ironically suggesting hampers for the Link Road (to Nowhere) protestors. However he needs to know that there is much local opposition to the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR). Were I younger I might myself have been a protestor.

Then I read John Shaw’s (CEO, Sea Change Sussex) political pie-in-the-sky ‘... this is a road to jobs, to business success and to a brighter future’.

Hurrah! Pull the other one.

Building more business premises is not guaranteed to bring more jobs to the town. There are plenty of such premises available now; they lie empty. Then, is it sensible to build more housing (on a flood plain) in an area where services are already stretched?

The BHLR is to be a winding ‘country road’. Perfect for the huge lorries Mr Shaw hopes will use it.

Many local people want the BHLR as ‘it will ease congestion’ on the A259. However I heard of a survey which found that most of the traffic on the A259 is town centre to town centre (if anyone knows of this survey I would like to see it).

In fact, when I ask regular users of the A259 if they will re-route onto the BHLR, there is a sheepish ‘Probably not’. So it will still be bumper to bumper on the A259.

Mind you, some hospital staff need to ‘commute’ between the Conquest and Bexhill Hospitals; theywill find the BHLR useful. However, should we build a road just for these (worthy) people?

A big worry to me is the likely effect on The Ridge, and the BHLR junction with The Ridge, which Mr Shaw neglects to mention. Erica Barrett (Observer, February 8) spells out how awful this may well be.


The Bourne