A treat for the ears - missed by many

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Those of you who live in Hastings and profess to be lovers of the arts

- where were you on Sunday, December 12, at 11am?

Not at St Mary in the Castle - and that’s for sure.

Those of us - and there were fewer than 100 - who turned up to see Jessie Buckley - the runner-up to Jodie Prenger in Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Search for a Nancy in 2008 - at the St Mary in the Castle’s Jazz Breakfast were just blown away by this tiny girl’s vocal range.

Looking as though she had just tumbled out of bed - and she probably had, as she had performed two shows the previous evening in London’s Soho - she sang her heart out to songs from the Great American Songbook and other established jazz favourites.

A talent way beyond her years - she is still only 20 - and with the most natural of intro styles, she charmed us all.

It was just so disappointing to see such a poor turn-out. Just two

days after the Jazz Breakfast this girl will, this week, have performed at The Royal Albert Hall and, before the New Year, is giving concerts at The Barbican, and in prestigious venues in Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester.

The Friends of St Mary-in-the-Castle made a loss on the day. Those who

did turn up paid a maximum of £8 (including cofee and a mince pie)to see this future star - an absolute bargain - the rest of you missed a treat!


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