A thank you to a team of wonderful teachers

WE would like to say a personal thank you to Sonia Plato and her wonderful team at Horizons.

Without their help and support over the last year while taking our GCSEs in English and maths many of us would not have got to the exams.

The staff at Horizons have been very supportive to all of their mature students, in a professional but friendly way.

Tutors have done their utmost to ensure the courses run smoothly, that all candidates are able to meet their targets and prepare themselves for their exams.

Tina Bourner, Kim Savage, Sharna Jones and Mandi Hesmer would like you to accept this as our personal thanks and to say how much we appreciate your support throughout the courses we have done.We hope we can do Horizons proud with our results.

Once again thank you to all at Horizons, who have made learning enjoyable and helped us to move on to the next chapter in our lives - you have helped us to make it possible.


Jameson Crescent,

St Leonards