A shocking way to treat the countryside

IN spite of the country being in financial crisis, the Government, with help from us taxpayers has found the millions of pounds to fund the short link road.

Is it coincidence that a short article in the national press recently announced that the population in London is reaching saturation point?

The main purpose of the link road is to accommodate housing, and to move traffic congestion from Bexhill Road and The Ridge.

Unless the Government invests in our A roads into the area, businesses will be reluctant to move here. The A21 being the main problem.

In Hastings and Bexhill we have shops closing, treacherously uneven pavements, and pot holes in ever increasing numbers.

It is also official now that we have the worst train service in England. Surely these should take priority?

To concrete over our beautiful countryside, and take people’s homes is truly shocking. With a bit of luck we may have a few crested newts in the area, after all, they take priority over the trauma of residents losing their houses.

I would like to thank the various groups who have fought to save our valley. If the housing at Barnhorn also goes ahead (God forbid) we shall have even more congestion, noise and pollution.

I would like to complain to the Bexhill MP who just happens to be Minister for the Environment, but he supports the link road and the massacre of our beautiful countryside.


Top Cross Road