A shame if town lost this bar

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REGARDING the objections to the JD Bar becoming a lap-dancing club, while I have no wish to see such a club in town, I cannot help but feel for the current owners.

Since the demise of the pier, footfall in the area has dropped dramatically and business must be bad. They decided to sell and the club owners made a bid. When you sell, you are not responsible for who buys.

Have any of you been to the JD Bar? Have you eaten in there?

I have been to many restaurants in the area and have been disappointed on more than one occasion. Some places are pretentious, the food is sub-standard and the service has been appalling.

As a customer of the JD Bar I feel able to give my opinion.

The food is excellent with a very varied menu, expertly cooked by people who care. The service is relaxed, friendly and open to all. Without custom any business would flounder and it would be a shame if the town lost the bar.

I know there are plenty of eateries in town (I have been to most of them) fancy decor, posh crockery and large bills do not make up for lovely food and a warm welcome.

Our town does not start at the Old Town and end at the Holy Trinity Church.


Old Church Road

St Leonards