A road paved with good intentions

THE Hastings Bexhill Link Road was to be built in conjunction with the Hastings bypass, as the plans were drawn up in the 1970s.

The bypass was to run from Winchelsea Road in Rye across the marshes to Westfield Lane, up Westfield Lane and over a new road bridge next to the existing one across the A21 through the front part of Beauport Park caravan park to a large new roundabout at the top of Queensway, thus taking the traffic away from Hastings.

I was partly involved in this as I was working for Southern Water and we laid new water mains six metres out in the fields at Westfield Lane so a widened bypass road would not interfere with water supplies.

Even back in those days they didn’t want to increase traffic up The Ridge as a new hospital was to be built and what with three schools the traffic would be gridlocked at times.

This is being built for political reasons. New factories will be built with lots more housing to our overcrowded town. The money being spent on this folly would have been better spent on improving the A21 as we were promised improvments as large businesses would not move to Hastings because of the transport links.

At one time Ford the car manufacturer was thinking of moving here and the reason it didn’t was because of the snail trail along the A21.


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