A real community spirit prevails here

FOLLOWING the piece about our lovely Marine Court in the Observer, January 6, I wanted to give you my view as a resident.

The refurbishment on the building is now underway but it would be lovely to see local companies tendering for phase two of the works.

I think it would make sense if local companies submit competitive tenders in time for the next lot of works, as not only would it be better for our local economy, but the building would also benefit from people who live locally who have the specialist local knowledge inherently needed for a delicate refurbishment such as Marine Court.

We have a real community spirit here.

I cannot praise the residents of Marine Court highly enough for putting their hands deep into their pockets to pay for the refurbishments of Marine Court.

All this is being done without any help from local or central Government, and without the aid of any Lottery grants or grants of any description, bearing in mind this is a Grade II listed building and a real landmark.

Ask anyone about the ship, everyone knows it.

I wish to give my heartfelt condolences for the few residents who sadly had to sell their properties in Marine Court because they couldn’t afford the charges of the refurbishment.

The fight for the franchise of Marine Court was a very hard, long battle spanning over eight years by the very talented and determined residents of Marine Court who, because of their love of this wonderful building, and their wish for it to be brought back to its former glory, dug deep into their pockets to purchase the franchise. To this date it was a tremendous achievement, as no other large building of this size had ever been bought and run by its own residents.

We now have an extremely able and competent head porter, Glen, along with his troops, of whom most of them are a credit to the building.

I wish Marine Court residents a very happy New Year, and to our directors past and present, who will as always be working hard to ensure that 2012 will be a great year for Marine Court’s refurbishment, making sure that

our hard-earned money is put to the best use in our building, and that we have the value for money that we all deserve.


Marine Court

St Leonards