A ‘rail’ need

YOUR article concerning a station at Glyde Gap I read with interest.

I feel that a station there would be a great benefit to local residents and people visiting Ravenside. I have been aware that for some years there has been talk of this be as usual nothing has happened. Also what about opening up the old Marina station as well.

I know that a lot of companies are strapped for cash at the moment but I am sure a lot of them would benefit from these additional stations. It would be a good idea if there was also one at Queensway as well.

Both of the main lines have restricted use with only three or four trains down each one per hour. Would it not be a good idea to run a shuttle service between say Bexhill, Battle, Rye and Hasings stopping at all stations, thus increasing the frequency of the services and the use of the rail network in this area?

Perhaps more trains to Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne would also be a benefit. I know there is spare capacity on both lines that could be utilised to the full.

If I had a few million pounds spare I would give it a go.


Battle Road

St Leonards