A question of cost

THE cost of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road has now risen to £113m with residents of East Sussex contributing £55m.

At the same time East Sussex County Council inform us they need to find £63m of savings.

The Department of Transport estimates that the proposed industrial estate will provide 900 new jobs and of these, 40 per cent are likely to go to people who live outside the area. The estimated cost per job for local people comes out at £221,000.

Where will ESCC save the money to secure this new employment? £14m from children’s services and £34m from adult social care. Apart from people directly losing their jobs, these cuts will lead to bed blocking at the Conquest Hospital. Lack of funding will mean elderly patients won’t be transferred to more suitable residential care. It will impact on care homes, forcing them out of business and low paid workers will then lose their jobs. Most care assistants, cooks, and housekeeping staff can’t afford to run a car and depend on public transport which is also being cut.

The money diverted to build this road will cause misery and distress to thousands of local residents through loss of jobs and services. This reverse Robin Hood philosophy of robbing the poor to line the pockets of the rich needs to stop.

If I’m knocked off my bicycle by some motorist who is determined to gain a few seconds then I want to know that an ambulance will not be trapped on The Ridge by the 5,000 extra vehicles it is destined to carry each day and that when I arrive at hospital there will be a bed for me.


Paynton Road

St Leonards