A little-known local history

I am often surprised at how little is known of the local history of the Bexhill Road area. Whenever I discuss my albeit very limited knowledge which I acquired in my childhood people often tell me to record it for the sake of posterity before the facts are lost for all time.

I can remember the row of single-storey Coastguard Cottages at the site now occupied by Yeomans Peugeot Car Sales in Bexhill Road situated between the former Bulverhythe Pub and Bridgeway. The cottages were at right angles to Bexhill Road. I would guess they were demolished during the early 60s.

From these cottages there was a footpath made of chalk linking up to a row of two-storey Coastguard Cottages on top of Galley Hill.

Much of this chalk path can still be found in the back gardens of many houses on the south side of Bexhill Road and in parts it formed a ridge above the areas liable to flooding at high tides. This path was known as the Coastguard Walk.

As a guide, the style of the single-storey cottages were similar to the row of terraced cottages in the one-way street in Pevensey Bay whereas the cottages atop Galley Hill were similar to the old former Coastguard Cottages now in private ownership in Normans Bay.

Martyn May

Sydenham Court

Cantelupe Road