A change needs to be made now at club before it is too late

IN response to the article in last week’s Observer we genuine supporters of Hastings Utd FC, would like to respond.

Chariman David Walters has a nerve to say that the over 65s are among the wealthiest in the UK.

How ridiculous, many have to survive on the state pension or little more. Why should those who have supported the club for many years subsides the under 21s some of whose income is far greater but are allowed free admission?

The pricing policy is ludicrous and out of tune with the vast majority of clubs at this level of the game who allow concessions at 60.

The bottom line is people will pay to watch their local side if it is successful and providing the pricing policy is reasonable. The team certainly seems to be playing better and more entertaining football but people are staying away as they are being asked to pay over the odds.

Mr Walters wants supporters to thank him for what he has done for the club. Firstly he needs to respect (respect costs nothing) supporters instead of ignoring them on match days. He never had to give up his career, that was his choice.

Has Mr Walters still not got the message that he has lost the confidence of the vast majority of supporters? Surely he must realise just by the numbers of volunteers he has forced away from the club over recent years that something is wrong.

Did the alarm bells not sound when the entire Supporters Club Committee, of which we were members resigned a few years ago? That organisation is now virtually nonexistent.

There are a number of former supporters who will not come near the Pilot Field all the time he is there and some that do still come to support the team but will not spend a penny above the admission price.

As long-standing supporters we feel it is time for a change, it needs to be done now before it’s too late.