A broader vision is vital for the seafront

WELL done, Naz Uddin and Brian Rockell, for raising the poor commitment of the council to developing the visitor experience along the seafront.

Extending the miniature railway along the whole front may not be a goer. But a hop-on, hop-off bus would be much easier and cheaper to organise and could even take in other attractions like the museums and castle.

I’ve totally lost count of the number of people asking us how they get to the Castle, or ‘where is the history?’.

The council’s own development plan should commit it to developing the whole seafront, but instead they have become obsessed with cramming everything onto, or very close to The Stade corner.

That is beginning to look positively industrial in the amount of concrete they have poured - and you can’t even see the sea from most of it.

Hastings and St Leonards have a lovely sea front and very long beach, with lots of independent businesses along the road (including our cafe) with offerings for those visitors who are now being drawn onto The Stade.

It’s not so much lack of visitors that’s the problem, it’s the failure to move them out of that corner. What is the prom for, after all?

This affects not only businesses along the front, but the pier as well - there need to be activities, displays, children’s play, seating and areas of interest all along if enough people are to go as far as the pier (which has very little parking next to it). We need a seafront strategy and we need it now.


St Mary-in-the-Castle

Pelham Arcade