A bit of respect for dog owners

IF Hastings Borough Council wants to clean up dog mess, it should also clean up the language of its anti-dog-mess campaign.

As I was walking my dog, I passed a garden fence on which were three notices copied from the Hastings Borough Council website. They read as follows:

Poster 1: Oi! Have you got s**t for brains?

Poster 2: Oi! We’re not taking your s**t anymore!

Poster 3: Oi! Sort your s**t out!

I find these notices rude, aggressive, and offensive. I always clean up after my dog, but if I did not, they would make me less inclined to do so.How is addressing dog-walkers (most of whom are innocent of any offence) with the word: “Oi!”, and then asking if they have s**t for brains, going to encourage them to co-operate? How co-operative do most people feel when addressed like that?

Dog fouling is anti-social, but so is lack of respect in addressing others, and the council ought to set an example of politeness.


Conqueror Road

St Leonards