Youngsters in tribute to the Beatles

Sophie Challis and Louis Perritt
Sophie Challis and Louis Perritt

YOU’RE never too young to appreciate the Beatles, and these two youngsters certainly are avid fans.

Louis Perritt, 11, and 12-year-old Sophie Challis, from Cambridge, who call themsevles The Duo, are expected to be the stars of the show at this year’s Beatles Day at the White Rock Theatre, which takes place on Sunday, April 1.

They first met when Louis was four and Sophie was five.

The pair saw each other every day after school, as Sophie’s mum was Louis’ child-minder so they developed a close friendship not dissimilar to siblings. When Louis was five he started playing the guitar, encouraged by his dad.

His mum, Christine, is an avid Beatles fan and soon Louis was playing I’m only Sleepin’ and Help, along with other songs such as Crying, by Roy Orbison, from the age of eight.

Sophie started playing the piano aged six and joined her church choir.

The two played their first gig for Louis’ 10th birthday with Sophie’s older brother Scott on drums.

The following year they performed in the Cambridge Performing Arts and Busking Festival 2011 as The Duo and then in the busking tent at Cambridge Rock Festival in August. Later in 2011 they did two charity gigs for Young Lives.

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