Youngest ever Tory leader chosen aged 24

Cllr Liam Atkins SUS-140523-035702001
Cllr Liam Atkins SUS-140523-035702001

During the day, he is advising firms on their internet marketing and by night working to take charge at the Town Hall.

At the tender age of 24, Liam Atkins is busy heading a team of eight Conservative councillors at Hastings Borough Council.

Elected as Conservative councillor for Conquest ward at last May’s borough elections, Cllr Atkins was elected leader just before Christmas, and is the youngest leader of the Conservative party in Hastings .

Cllr Atkins said: “Being group leader is a lot of responsibility. I always wanted to be leader, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.

“I am pleased I have a good core group of councillors behind me backing me up.”

He joined the Conservative Party when he was 19. Cllr Atkins also attended William Parker Sports College (now Ark William Parker Academy) where he did A-levels in French, politics and sociology.

He added: “I am a Conservative because I wholeheartedly believe in the power and potential of every resident across Hastings. Whatever someone wishes to achieve in their life, I feel the Conservative Party, with its beliefs in freedom, personal responsibility, and the rewarding of hard work are best served to support our town and the country. I joined the Conservative Party out of a general interest in politics to begin with. Shortly after joining I became a ‘paper candidate’ in Hollington, a traditional Labour stronghold. My fire for politics was properly ignited when I saw how neglected some parts of the ward were and how I could, in my small way, actually make a difference to residents’ lives. Residents obviously noticed this and ended up narrowing Labour’s majority to just 27 votes. In 2014 I went on to stand in Conquest, a ward I used to live in, and won with an increased majority than in 2012.”

After leaving college, Cllr Atkins worked for as a researcher before working for He is now a self-employed internet marketing consultant with his own website,