Young Polish man’s fall from Rock-a-Nore cliff tops remains a mystery

THE DEATH of a young painter and decorator from Poland whose body was found at the foot of Rock-a-Nore cliffs remains a mystery, an inquest heard.

Just days after Stefan Ruszcynski, 31, last spoke to his cousin his body was located in a bush by a police helicopter.

East Sussex Coroners Court sitting at Hastings Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday how Mr Ruszcynski had been living and working in London since he came to the UK eight years ago.

He had been paid around £500 on November 16 last year for working at the Tesco Extra store in Kensington as a handyman. On November 25 he was found dead.

The court heard how Ron Edmund was walking his dog on the East Cliff in Hastings Country Park when he found spotted a suede bomber jacket on the ground. It was soaking wet but inside he found a mobile phone, bank cards and ID cards which he handed in to police who began a search.

A post mortem found no signs of drugs or alcohol in Mr Ruscynski’s system.

Giving evidence in court, his cousin Anna Frac told how she had spoken to him on November 17 when he seemed normal.

Miss Frac, who lives in Bromley, said: “He came to the UK around 2004/05. Another cousin found him a job. He used to start drinking too much.

“He was not friendly. He spent all his time at home watching TV or sports. He went home to Poland two months before he died.

“I spoke with his Ukranian girlfriend. She was with him for about eight months. But she only saw him about once a month.”

East Sussex Coroner Alan Craze recorded an open verdict. He concluded: “This is not satisfactory as I am left with more questions than answers.

“We don’t know why he came to Hastings. We don’t when he died.

“Has he come here with the intention of brining his life to an end? Or has he lost his footing and accidentally fallen off.

“The fact that he left his jacket at the top of the cliff tends to suggest that it was deliberate.

“It is a mystery as to why he chose to come down to Hastings. It is possible that he thought that was where Beachy Head cliffs were. We must not presume this was a suicide.

“I do not think that we’re ever going to get any more useful information.”