Young Jada hits the right notes with orchestra judges

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TALENTED schoolgirl Jada Marsh is proving a class act after earning a place at the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain.

It is an impressive achievement for the nine-year-old who only started playing the instrument 12 months ago.

Jada, a Castledown Primary School pupil, had to perform an audition piece in London to be selected.

There were a record number of applicants to join the orchestra.

She has played in front of parents and children on several occasions so is not afraid of performing in front of others.

Every year there are around 1,200 youngsters who apply to join the National Children’s Orchestras (NCO).

Jada was one of 500 chosen to go into the different age group choirs. She had to perform two pieces of her choice and do some sight music reading in front of a panel of judges.

The NCO of Great Britain was formed in 1978 by Vivienne Price MBE.

Youth orchestras existed for teenagers, but younger children, if they were admitted at all, felt they did not fit in socially however brilliant their playing. The NCO has five national age-banded orchestras, open to children from seven to 13.

Membership is on an annual basis, with auditions taking place in October each year. There are also five regional orchestras, one in London, one in the south east, one in the south west, one in the east and one in the north.

Jada will take part in a week long training camp in the summer in Aldershot.

Sarah Derbyshire, managing director of the National Children’s Orchestras, said: “It is a great achievement for someone like Jada who has only been playing for 12 months. The standard of performance was very high at auditions and the demand for places is still strong.”

Headteacher Neil Small said: “We are very honoured to have Jada here. She has a great talent and works hard. I’m sure she will go on to great things.”