Young dancers give stunning show

Dance Show 1 SUS-180405-110136001
Dance Show 1 SUS-180405-110136001

Ark 6th Form East Sussex and Ark Helenswood Academy showcased outstanding dance work at the annual Dance Show.

Students from Year 7 to 13 showed great enthusiasm and dedication in the professionally presented show.

Dance Show 2 SUS-180405-110233001

Dance Show 2 SUS-180405-110233001

They treated the audience to a stunning variety of dance and contemporary work from GCSE and A Level students.

Following community dance work with teacher Elaine Vanner, Sandown primary school also participated in the Dance Show and performed an atmospheric dance piece.

The work was based on cross-curricular links with English and their present literature on Excalibur and received great applause from the audience.

Teacher Elaine Vanner said “The audience thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining evening and remarked on the incredible originality of the dance course work.

Primary parents commented on how truly amazed they were by the talent on show.

“Well done to all those who took part in this inspiring event.”

Ark Helenswood Academy is an 11-18 comprehensive school for girls, situated on The Ridge. From 16-18 they share a sixth form with Ark William Parker Academy. Ark Helenswood Principal Tracy Dohel said: “We believe that every Ark Helenswood student has the potential to succeed.

“Our broad and relevant curriculum combined with inspirational teaching means students leave well educated, confident and ambitious, with an excellent understanding of the world they live in.”

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