Yobs wreck bench built for Tim Castro

28/5/13- Friends of Speckled Wood, Ore with a vandalised bench.
28/5/13- Friends of Speckled Wood, Ore with a vandalised bench.

MINDLESS yobs have vandalised a bench in memory of Tim Castro just weeks after it was erected and raided a workshop where he used to mend his bike.

Friends of Speckled Wood discovered the damage on Monday at the beauty spot in Ore.

The bench had been vandalised and three trees stripped of their bark and branches pulled down.

A number of garages were broken into in Ore village over the bank holiday weekend.

Ironically a premises owned by Tim’s father Ion Castro was broken into. It was where Tim used to mend his bike.

Mr Castro’s workshop in Victoria Avenue was burgled with two sets of ladders stolen.

The Friends of Speckled Wood had campaigned to protect the wood from any development and keep it maintained and attractive for visitors.

A generous campaign supporter donated the funds for the bench which was installed at the beginning of May.

The Friends were trying to secure a plaque in memory of Tim who was found dead on the beach at Hastings following Pirate Day last summer.

Mr Castro said: “It’s very distressing all round. Its distressing because of his memory and for those who erected the bench.

“I had my ladders stolen from my workshop - it was where Tim used to mend his bike.

“It seems like the children just had nothing to do. We should invest more in our children. It’s very sad.”

Martin Newbold chairman of the Friends, said: “It’s just mindless vandalism. It’s been smashed beyond repair.

“Several trees have had all the bark pulled off them which meands they will die. Members have put a lot of work into getting the bench erected and making it nice for everyone.

“It was just a lovely place to sit and relax.

“We just can’t understand why anyone would want to do this sort of thing.” A reward is being offered for information leading to any arrest. Call Mr Newbold on 07857 319463