Writers’ UK pier trip brings them to Hastings

Writers Jon Bounds (Left) and Danny Smith
Writers Jon Bounds (Left) and Danny Smith

TWO writers will be stopping off in Hastings as part of a trip around all of the UK’s surviving piers.

The duo from Birmingham, Danny Smith and Jon Bounds, are carrying out research for their forthcoming book, which is a look at the past present and future of the British seaside.

On September 16, Hastings is the 25th stop along the route, which takes in all those that appear on the National Pier Society list of surviving piers.

Even though Hastings Pier is currently closed, the writers are undeterred. Mr Smith said: “It is still a good example of a non-working pier. We do not have a set idea of what we want to do at each location. We plan to just respond organically with whatever it seems logical to do.

“For years now the British seaside has been seen as in a state of decline, but with the rise of blue flag beaches, ‘staycations’ and flexible working hours the seaside is fighting back. This battle can be seen by the piers, with some earmarked for demolition, burnt to the ground or just plain forgotten and others planning huge remodelling.”

Their trip has been wholly funded through web-based crowdfunding, with £880 pledged so far. In return donors will get gifts such as a first edition copy, or a postcard from each pier.

For information visit www.pierreview.co.uk.