World music takes centre stage at Stade

An African Vocal Explosion for 100 Voices
An African Vocal Explosion for 100 Voices

AN AFRICAN Vocal Explosion for 100 Voices wowed an audience of more than 1,000 people and brought singers and instrumentalists from across Sussex and beyond to The Stade.

The event on Saturday (June 15), was the latest in the Stade Saturdays programme.

Vocal Explosion’s director Juliet Russell said: “The joy that we helped to create was just great.

“As a composer inspired by traditional music from around the world it was a privilege to bring together so many fine local musicians from Dende samba reggae group, Ghanian musician Nana Tsiboe, some of the hottest brass players in the South East and Vocal Explosion’s own great guitar players, as well as singers from the Soundwaves choir and our own Vocal Explosion singers to create this huge powerful sound.

“I truly hope that we can keep world music growing and growing in our area”.