Work to open up footpath

Work has started to open up a footpath at Hastings Country Park.

Last winter a major landslip affected a number of footpaths in Ecclesbourne Glen. Hastings Borough Council has been working with East Sussex County Council and Natural England to agree what footpaths can be reinstated and what ones will remain closed.

Hastings Country Park Conservation Volunteers, working with the rangers, have reinstated some of the steps on the main footpath that joins the East Hill with the rest of Hastings Country Park. Further work will take place before the end of the month to install signs and wooden fencing on other footpaths that will remain closed until further notice. Councillor Dawn Poole, the council’s lead member for leisure and amenities, said: “The volunteers are very proud to have undertaken an important first stage in reopening our main coastal footpath, which can now be used with care due to the uneven surface. Their hard work will allow people to resume walking from the East Hill to the rest of the country path along the coastal path.”