Work is under way to renovate roundabout

WORK is now under way to improve the roundabout and fountain on Hastings seafront.

The renovations in Pelham Place are set to start on Monday (April 14).

Cllr Emily Westley, the council’s lead member for amenities, said: “East Sussex County Council has already removed the original high curved concrete wall and replaced it with lower level kerbing to improve the roundabout visually and reduce the ongoing maintenance that it has required.

“This will involve the repair of the fountain basin and replacement of all the heavily corroded and damaged existing pipe work and the refurbishment of the dishes before specialist paint is applied.

“The pumps are also being replaced with more efficient versions that can modify the rate of flow dependent on wind conditions, so saving electricity and water. We are also installing a modern LED lighting system that will illuminate the water, dishes and basin.

“It is expected that the works to the fountain itself will be complete by the end of May. The area around the fountain will then be planted with summer flowers to give a colourful floral display for the rest of the year.”