Wood you have a tale to tell for this arty duo?

Lone Twin with Mr Covell
Lone Twin with Mr Covell
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TWO artists gearing up for an ambitious Olympic challenge are heading to Hastings – and they want a piece of you to help them in their quest.

Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters - known as Lone Twin – are building a 30 foot boat from pieces of donated wood to sail from Chichester all the way round the coast and up the River Thames to the site of the 2012 games.

Local fishermen have already donated a mast for use in the project and so Lone Twin are coming here for residents to donate their own wood to the scheme.

The only proviso is that each piece of wood has to have a story behind it, and Lone Twin will be documenting all the tales which go into their ship as they go.

It could be something with a lot of meaning for the town - like a piece of wood from the pier - or it could be something much smaller and more personal, like a lolly stick or a pencil. Donations so far include a Chinese family heirloom, drumsticks and an African mask.

Mr Whelan and Mr Winters, who are working with an expert team including Olympic silver medallist Mark Covell, will be at the new Stade Hall on Friday, March 25 between 10am and 7pm for people to bring their donations and share their stories. They said: “People from all walks of life have donated items from all parts of the world - and the garage. It’s really exciting and very real now as a project. Hastings is significant to us as one of our first donations came from the Hastings Fisherman’s Protection Society and it’s likely that the boat will stop in Hastings as part of its maiden voyage next summer.”

The project forms part of the Cultural Olympiad to coincide with the 2012 Games, and is funded by the Arts Council. Cllr Peter Chowney, the lead council member for culture urged locals to get involved.

He said: “This is our opportunity to put Hastings on the map. We are famed for our fishing community and renowned for our artistic flair - it’s only right that Hastings shows off its unique culture.”

If you have a piece of wood with a story to tell, email rob.alderson@jpress.co.uk.