Woman took her life after battling with depression

A YOUNG woman took her own life after battling for years with depression.

Honora Burton, 25, of London Road, St Leonards, was found hanging in her flat on November 7, 2011, by friend and former work colleague Mia Domsalla, and the landlord of the property.

Miss Domsalla, who had met Miss Burton when they worked together at a bar in the town centre, said that in the weeks before her death, her friend had seemed in a better state of mind than previously.

“She did feel really depressed but before she died she actually seemed happier.

“I spoke to her lots about it, I kept saying to her, you need to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.

“About a week before, she asked me if it was selfish for people to kill themselves, but she seemed really happy, I didn’t really understand that.”

It was when Miss Burton did not reply to her text messages that she became worried.

When unable to gain entry to Miss Burton’s flat, she called the landlord Keith Barber, who had a key.

At the time of her death, Miss Burton had a part-time job as a sales assistant, but was experiencing financial difficulties, and her benefits had been stopped several weeks previously. She had also been involved in a turbulent relationship.

At the inquest into her death on Wednesday (July 11), the court heard that Miss Burton had been suffering from depression since 2003, and had attempted to take her own life in August last year, but had sent a message to a friend and was found in time.

She had been prescribed anti-depressants, and was seen on a regular basis by mental health professionals until the end of August, though they suspected that she was not taking them correctly.

A toxicology report found that Miss Burton had consumed enough alcohol for mild to moderate intoxication, with a blood alcohol reading of 102mg per 100ml, and there was also evidence of cocaine in her system.

Assistant deputy coroner Catharine Palmer recorded a verdict of suicide, and said: “I am satisfied that there were no suspicious circumstances, and I have heard no evidence that she sought help in the hours before she died as she had in the past.”