Woman speaks out after attack by three ‘out of control’ dogs

Yvonne Whalley and Alfie
Yvonne Whalley and Alfie

A WOMAN who was knocked to the ground while defending her pet from an attack by three other dogs is appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Yvonne Whalley, 48, was walking her cocker spaniel Alfie, in the rose garden area of Warrior Gardens, St Leonards, on Saturday, October 8, when the incident took place.

At around 10.20am, three dogs came running over, one large dark brown pitbull terrier, and two smaller lighter brown Staffordshire terriers.

The pitbull pinned down Alfie by the neck, and was joined in the attack by the two other dogs.

Yvonne, who lives in Warrior Gardens, said: “They were completely out of control.

“I managed to get Alfie off the ground and into my arms, but then the three dogs knocked me and my dog to the ground and I threw myself over him.”

The owner of the dogs, none of which were on leads, came over to remove his dogs, but it was some time before they were under control enough for Yvonne to leave the park.

She was bitten on the upper arm, which luckily left only a bruise, but Alfie had puncture wounds all over his body, and had to be taken to the vet for treatment.

The dog owner is described as white, around 5ft 10ins, in his mid-20s, with dark hair. He was also joined by a pregnant woman, also in her 20s, about 5ft 3ins, with brown hair.

Anyone who witnessed the attack can contact police on 0845 6070999.