Woman injured in vicious dog attack

Samantha Hopkins, from St Leonards
Samantha Hopkins, from St Leonards

A WOMAN needed hospital treatment after being savagely bitten by a dog.

Samantha Hopkins, who lives off Bexhill Road, St Leonards, was walking home from a friend’s house in Bulverhythe Road when the animal, which was on a lead, jumped on her, biting her left arm.

The attack left the 27-year-old healthcare assistant with two deep wounds.

Miss Hopkins said: “The dog bit so hard its teeth pierced through my coat and cardigan so it was quite a deep wound.

“I had to go to A&E at the Conquest Hospital for an X-ray. Doctors also had to clean and sterilise the would, prescribe me antibiotics and give me a tetanus jab. There are now big lumps on the arm and I don’t know whether there could be nerve damage or not as a result.”

After she was bitten, Miss Hopkins ran into the nearby convenience store in Bulverhythe Road to take off her coat and the shop owner gave her a lift home, as she was in shock.

She added: “The dog owner was very apologetic but she did not see the extent of my injuries as I had my coat on. I was really shocked and did not realise what was going on as it all happened so quick. The dog was on a lead and the owner was trying to pull it away from me after it jumped up.”

Miss Hopkins has had to be signed off work for two weeks following the dog attack, which happened last Monday (April 9) at 5.10pm.

Police are appealing for witnesses and said the dog was being walked by a woman, aged in her late 30s to early 40s with short, dark brown hair. She was about 5ft tall, and was with a girl, aged between 12 and 14.

The dog is described as a large brown mixed breed, about the size of a Labrador.

PC Cassandra Webb, who is investigating, said: “The road is in a residential area and is well used as a short cut for vehicles. We would like to hear from anyone who may have seen or heard anything about this incident. It was a frightening and painful ordeal for the victim.”

Anyone with information should contact Sussex Police on 101.